What’s It Like To Write a Play?

In September, 2013, Kara and I had a wonderful opportunity to go to New York City to attend the preview of the Tony Award winning Broadway play All The Way, written by Robert Schenkkan and starring Bryan Cranston as Lyndon B. Johnson. We also had the privilege of attending dinner the night before the opening with Robert Schenkkan, director Bill Rauch, and the Producers of the play. At the dinner, writer Robert Schenkkan gave an inspiring short talk about the phases he experiences when writing a play. He speaks about the astonishment and sheer pleasure he experiences as the play moves from a simple conception in his mind through writing, sharing with artists, and finally production of the play.

I recently re-discovered a video of Robert Schenkkan that I took that night, and I wanted to share this inspiring talk with you.

The play went on to win Tony Awards in 2014 for Best Play and Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play (Bryan Cranston).