5 of the Most Amazing Waterfalls to Explore Near Ashland, OR

Waterfalls are one of Earth’s most wondrous creations. From pounding waters to crashing waves, their beauty and power is undeniable. If you’re planning a trip to Southern Oregon, spend a day outdoors and discover the many waterfalls near Ashland, OR. Here are a few of our favorites.

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5 Beautiful Waterfalls Near Ashland, OR

1. Ashland’s Secret Waterfall

Travel into the Oredson Todd Woods and you will discover a beautiful 10-foot waterfall. This incredible natural treasure is without a name. However, it is well-worth the trip! In order to find this secret waterfall, you must know how the trails at the Oredson Todd Woods run. Stop by the Ashland Chamber of Commerce for more information.

2. Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls, also known as Prospect State Park, is the perfect place to begin on your quest to see Ashland’s most incredible waterfalls. Mill Creek Falls offers a less strenuous hike with impressive views. It is one of the tallest cascades in Oregon and is approximately 170 feet high. Plus, you will find several other waterfalls nearby! Located in Pearsony, you will also find Barr Creek Falls and Pearsony Falls nearby. These falls are an hour-drive away from Ashland.

3. Barr Creek Falls

Continue your outdoor adventure at Barr Creek Falls. This waterfall is also located within Prospect State Park and is a stone’s throw away from Mill Creek Falls. This graceful waterfall is approximately 240 feet and flows into the Rogue River at the south end.

4. Pearsony Falls

Pearsony Falls is a waterfall quest that easily combines with your trips to Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls. This waterfall is also located in Prospect State Park. Unlike Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls, Pearsony is short and wide with a silky flow over moss covered rocks. Continue past Pearsony Falls and you will shortly discover breathtaking sites of the Rogue River as it rushes its way past the boulders.

5. Lost Falls

No list of Ashland waterfalls would be complete without mentioning Lost Falls. Located behind Grizzly Peak, Lost Falls is true to its namesake. Although the hike is easy, driving to Lost Falls is the tricky part. There are a number of dirt roads between you and this waterfall. For a comprehensive list of directions, visit the Ashland Trails website. Located approximately 2 hours for Country Willows B&B Inn, Lost Falls is great for those who want to plan a day trip.


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